I Hope You Get to Start Again, Olivia

by Alexander Wolfe

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I wrote ‘I Hope You Get To Start Again, Olivia’ in the days following the suicide of a friend in December. In amongst the shock and grief I needed to find a little island, and this song became that. That’s just how I make sense of things, I suppose, it was a way of processing how I felt. I needed to find a way to celebrate her rather than have her defined by the act.

Before Olivia was my friend, she was a fan of my work, she used to come to all the shows. It was only when we became friends I realised she was in trouble. The reason I’m telling you that is because she’d have loved that I wrote a song for her, and that makes me happy. I hope she gets to hear it.

Suicide always seems like the last grip on the reins to me, the final act of control over a life that is spinning out of control.

The artwork is a painting by Olivia’s boyfriend who has obviously been through a lot over the last few months. A huge thank you to him for letting me use one of his paintings.

The proceeds from the track will be going to SANE, a national mental health charity who I’ve been working as an ambassador for.



You finally got your wish,
Though it was only yours,
You’d always insist,
You wanted out the door,
Something old and something new,

And all that pain you felt,
It went right too your knees,
And when I tried to help,
I just heard your disease,
Something borrowed something blue,

I think the reason why you stuck it out so long,
Was the feeling that one day you’d find somewhere that you’d belong,
Some’ll say it’s unforgivable but we know that they’re wrong, don’t we,

Right from the start there was a problem with your mind,
Your life was rendered unlivable by chemical design,
And I hope you get to start again, Olivia,

It seems unfair to me,
You never got a song,
Well you meant something to me,
So I wrote you one,
Something bold and something true,
(Just like you)

We knew you dancing in your knickers on our phones,
You always looked so lost and unmistakably alone,
Some’ll say it’s unforgivable but we know that they’re wrong, don’t we,

Since you’ve been gone I have been texting with your mum,
I think she’s gonna be ok she thinks you’re living in the sun,
And I hope you get to start again, Olivia
And I hope you get to start again, Olivia


released April 9, 2021
Written, produced and performed by Alexander Wolfe
Backing Vocals by Hayley Harland
Drums by Dan Bingham
Horns by Trevor Mires
Mixed by Alex Bitzke


all rights reserved


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